Solid Concepts Inc.

“In November 2013, Solid Concepts Inc. – a custom manufacturing company specializing in 3D printing – released news of its 3D Printed metal gun, the world’s first. The gun, a Browning M1911 Glass Lid 3D Gun.45 caliber pistol, made headlines acrosscontinents amid speculation on what the achievement would mean for the 3D printing industry at large. Solid Concepts sought to awaken industrial manufacturers to the capabilities 3D metal printing could achieve, and the release of the gun sparked new applications across industries, from aerospace to oil and gas.

To celebrate the historical induction of the world’s first 3D printed metal gun, Solid Concepts began manufacturing a limited run of 3D printed metal guns for purchase in 2014. Each of the 100 buyers will receive their 3D printed metal gun in a beautiful showcase box from On Display USA – which has a rich history of box making – with a certificate of authenticity. These historical guns will become a legacy for purchasers in the years to come, which is why the showcase box was such an important element.”

~Eric Mutchler, Solid Concepts Inc.