Solid Lid


When searching for the right place to stow away a firearm, one usually ends up stuck with a boring plastic or metal box. With us, that won’t be an issue! Our line of solid lid gun cases boast sturdy frames and lids that are elegantly crafted from finished cherrywood, changing something plain and boring into an article of the utmost aesthetic appeal. Every box comes with its own lock and key, and the interior is lined with soft RichVel fabric, the color of which you may chose. Each box is designed to hold your specific gun in a French fit placeholder, so it can be safe and snug inside. Depending on the size of the item you would like a case for, we offer 3 different boxes, GB12S, GB14S, and GB16S.

GB12S: fits guns up to 9″ overall length

GB14S: fits guns up to 11″ overall length

GB16S: fits guns up to 13″ overall length

Interior Options:  Red, Blue, Green, Burgundy, or Black


Want more? If none of these stock boxes fit your preferences, check out our 3 stock glass lid boxes or head over to our Customization page to see what we can do for you.